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Tips to Keep Your Patio Paver Installation in Naples, FL Lasting!

You love spending time outside. So naturally, when you bought your house, you also purchased a beautiful patio with pavers. The only problem is that the pavers started to crack and deteriorate after just a few months of exposure to the hot Florida sun and frequent rains. If you live in the same area as we do and have experienced problems with your pavers, don’t worry; you’re not alone! In this blog post, we’ll give you all the tips to keep your patio paver installation looking brand new for years to come. Keep reading to learn everything you need about patio pavers and preservation techniques to ensure your patio pavers in Naples, FL investment lasts for as long as possible!

Know the different types of pavers before installation.

As you may know, there are many types of pavers, each with unique characteristics. For example, natural stones like granite, limestone, and marble are incredibly durable but expensive. On the other hand, manufactured concrete pavers are much more affordable and can be produced in any color of your choosing — but they won’t last as long and are more prone to fading. When installing these different types of pavers, in most cases, you’ll want to use a mortar or epoxy adhesive for the best results. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct installation, though.

Protect your patio pavers with a sealant.

If you’ve had your patio for a few years, you may have already noticed that your natural stone or concrete pavers are starting to fade or become discolored. While some of this is just a part of the normal aging process, much of it is caused by exposure to the elements. In humid climates like ours here in the Sunshine State, water and extreme temperatures are the two biggest culprits in discoloration and fading. While a good cleaning will help, you’ll immediately get the best results by applying a sealant to your pavers. We recommend a water-based sealant, as it will easily penetrate the pores on the surface of your pavers without leaving behind an oily residue, which can attract dirt.

Repair any minor cracks right away.

When installing new patio pavers, it’s only natural to expect a few small cracks to appear here and there as the cement dries out and contracts. However, if you catch these cracks early on and fill them in with a quality concrete repair product, your pavers will look brand new again! In most cases, cracks smaller than 3/8” in width don’t need to be filled in, as they will eventually close up independently. However, if the crack is more comprehensive, you should apply a concrete repair product and let it dry completely before walking on it again (or it will crumble under your weight!).

Light color pavers will help keep your patio cool.

If you’re worried about your patio getting too hot, you may want to consider installing light-colored pavers. While dark-colored pavers can be beautiful and look great on patios, they absorb more heat than light-colored materials. In addition to preventing your patio from becoming uncomfortably warm, lighter-colored pavers will stay cleaner longer and require less upkeep. Dark-colored materials will also stain much more efficiently, which means more time cleaning and maintaining your patio.

Choose durable pavers for high-traffic areas.

If you don’t want to replace your patio pavers every few years, choosing wisely when shopping for new materials is essential. For example, if you have a high-traffic area, such as a walkway or patio entrance, you’ll want to use a more durable type of paver. While you can use just about any type of paver for your patio, there are some materials that will hold up better to foot traffic. You may want to go with a hard stone like limestone or a manufactured paver made from a more robust material like concrete.


Now that you’ve finished reading this blog post, you know everything you need to know about patio pavers. You know what to look for when shopping for materials, how to install them properly, and how to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. From now on, you’ll surely have a beautiful patio that everyone will love using!

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13:11 21 Oct 22
Our project involved a complete removal, expansion and replacement of pool and lenai pavers as well as a new screen cage. Coordination of the screen and paver contractors requires a lot of forethought to schedules, weather and product availability. Mid-project, we were faced with Hurricane Ian and county permitting delays. Despite these outside glitches, Pure Hardscapes got the job done. The owner, Chance, was in constant contact with us for scheduling and product availability from Italy. The project manager, David, would listen to our comments and implement changes where needed. David's work ethic is admirable. The office manager, Nicole, coordinated the efforts of the field crew with the cage company and was always very responsive. After completion of the paver installation, the cage installers cracked one of the porcelain pavers. Nicole was able to have David return to the job site within 2 hours and replace the cracked paver, resulting in no time loss for the cage installers. Before, during and after the project, the crew at Pure Hardscapes took a personal interest in our needs and wants. I would not hesitate to recommend Pure Hardscapes to others.George Christofely
Pia MoralesPia Morales
14:03 18 Jul 22
I wish Chance would run other businesses as well because I would hire him in a heartbeat. Communication was excellent and the price was the best from all 3 companies quoted. We had a couple last minute additions and he had no problem accommodating our request. He runs his company very professionally with modern tools like online contract signing and payment which makes it very convenient. But he also has an old school touch. We've received a couple hand written cards and follow up calls from him which really shows the kind of business he runs. See the photos, the work speaks for itself.
Master JonoblyMaster Jonobly
13:28 04 Feb 22
Pure hardscapes did a great job on installing the pavers for my pool deck. Chance the owner was very responsive to our needs and was always availabe when we had questions. The crew was always on time and worked very hard in getting the job. I would definitley recommend them for paver work.
Amanda McdonaldAmanda Mcdonald
20:11 27 Dec 21
I moved to Naples in April 2021and purchased a home that I wanted to make some changes to. I called many contractors and companies to try to get estimates with, and no one ever returned my calls. The only one who personally reached out to me was Chane , the owner of Hardscapes! I kept getting excuses such as covid and everyone is very busy. I find it disrespectful when you reach out to someone and finally get an appointment for them to come to your home to give you an estimate to only be stood up! This unfortunately happened on more than one occasion.When you deal with Chance and his company they are punctual, respectful, and they always return calls and emails. I wish everyone I had to deal with to get something done was as professional and kind as Chance is. I will continue to refer him to my friends and anyone I hear that is looking to get any kind of hard scape done to their home. Dealing with him and his company is a pleasure!Amanda McDonald Naples Fl
Kevin HenleyKevin Henley
23:45 08 Sep 21
Great experience from the initial contact to project completion. Very satisfied with customer service, quality of install and follow up. Hired them for paver patio, firepit and driveway remodel. I highly recommend Pure Hardscapes.

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